Sightseeings of Dudutki

Dudutki workshop Dudutki workshop
The unique part of Dudutki museum is its famous work yard. It may be considered as such a symbolic reflection of all the Belarusian rural culture. The work yard of Dudutki consists of several small workshops. Each of them offers to see different kinds of crafts. There‚Äôs a smith, a creamery, a bakery, ceramics workshop, a small weaving mill with the examples of old Belarusian folk costumes and, in the end, famous Dudutki‚Äôs rural distillery ‚Äúbrovarka‚ÄĚ.

There are many possibilities to make good pictures in Dudutki’s farm especially in summer, when many animals and birds get their kids. In the farm of Dudutki you can see majestic peacocks walking through the masses of chickens and ducks. Farm piglets in Dudutki run around wild boars. Local pony make a race meeting with the American dear, which is the main proud of the museum’s farm.

Dudutki‚Äôs creamery gives a excellent possibility to photographer on making good shots of the cheese manufacturing process in Belarus. Old Belarusian crafts are also available to film in other workshops. But the last part of your excursion should be Dudutki‚Äôs distillery. It‚Äôs because of the tasting session of the strong Belarusian alcohol drink‚Äúsamogon‚ÄĚ there. There‚Äôs no way to make good pictures after. In this situation you can create only good songs.
There’s a unique place not far from capital of Belarus. It stays on the border of the Ptich river. It seems like the time was once stopped here. The old culture and history of...
The process of making bread is a kind of sacrament in Dudutki museum. In the bakery you can get known about the rules, traditions and superstitions to make Belarusian bread....
One of the undividable parts of Dudutki is its orthodox church of Saint John the Baptist. The church was built in 2007. Now it is in the same time the active religious building...
He stays in the entrance of Dudutki, nearby the old Dudutki’s mill. Idol of Dudutki. The wooden statue is in the border of the big picturesque meadow. Dudutki’s idol is...


Dudutki parade of beauty
This Sunday of 20 september Dudutki open-air museum will host a unique event. Beauties from more than 60 countries will take part in national costume parade.
Baglia Calia in Sicily
Baglia Calia villa ‚Äď it is an embodiment of Italian recreation, which is so popular among the vacationers all over the world.
Casa Tati in Veneto
Casa Tati ‚Äď it is a traditional Italian colour, which is reflected in the decoration of rooms, in nice and appetizing dishes of Italian cuisine, in surrounding beauty of subtropical nature.