The wooden idol of Dudutki.

wooden Idol in Dudutki

He stays in the entrance of Dudutki, nearby the old Dudutki’s mill. Idol of Dudutki. The wooden statue is in the border of the big picturesque meadow. Dudutki’s idol is responsible to be the first who meets guests of Dudutki. Idol of Dudutki came from the deep past. Belarusian people are the part of Slavonic ethnos. And Slavonic nations were pagans in their ancient times. They created special sacred places like Stonehenge in Britain. Slav decorated these heathen temples with such idols made of wood and stone like Dududki’s idol. These idols were dedicated to the Slavonic ancient Gods like Perun (God of Sun), Veles (God of Earth) and Dajdjbog (God of Rain). Traditionally idol may be created with one face or with many faces. It is suspected that ancient Slavonic wooden and stone idols are the issue of the Indo-European statues form III-beginning of the II millennium.

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