Dudutki Photos

Photos from DudutkiDudutki on its own screen. This was confirmed by anyone who ever took the hands of a camera and visited the Dudutk. The opportunities to do many wonderful things in the museum are at least obvious. Here you can discover the history of the belarusian people. Dozens, if not hundreds of ancient utensils - for the exquisite pictures of this great place. Scenic beauty, an old mill and a wooden church in the background of the forest - the magnificent landscape shots. Animal Farm will give a chance to make a film of pets that happens, behave like this Photo. Of particular charm attached to the museum his pond, where geese, ducks and chickens peacocks pace at the water against the backdrop of the rural landscape and perfectly fit into the overall look of the old manor phone booth. And, of course, the completion of photography can be a snapshot of the fruit of technical genius of the Belarussians – “Samargon” utilities. Dudutki is the only place found in Belarus, which officially is allowed to make Samargon.

In the gallery of photos from Dudutki we try to provide a rural museum with all parties: the gate and to the rear courtyard.

Dudutki workshop

Sightseeings of Dudutki

The unique part of Dudutki museum is its famous work yard. It may be considered as such a symbolic reflection of all the Belarusian rural culture....

Belarusian crafts in Dudutki

Despite of many ethnographical museums in Belarus with static expositions, museum in Dudutki is the bright example of the modern interactive...


Dudutki parade of beauty
This Sunday of 20 september Dudutki open-air museum will host a unique event. Beauties from more than 60 countries will take part in national costume parade.
Baglia Calia in Sicily
Baglia Calia villa – it is an embodiment of Italian recreation, which is so popular among the vacationers all over the world.
Casa Tati in Veneto
Casa Tati – it is a traditional Italian colour, which is reflected in the decoration of rooms, in nice and appetizing dishes of Italian cuisine, in surrounding beauty of subtropical nature.