The estate of Elskie in Dudutki

estate in Dudutki

There’s a unique place not far from capital of Belarus. It stays on the border of the Ptich river. It seems like the time was once stopped here. The old culture and history of Belarus still exist there. The place is called «Мuseum of old Belarusian crafts and trades of Dudutki”. Or it can be just Dudutki. Dudutki is not just a historical region of Belarus. In the past Dudutki was the big centre of trade, crafts and marketplaces. Dudutki is also mentioned in The Tale of Igor's Campaign. It’s the one of the most ancient book of eastern Slavonic people. Dudutki changed its ames for many times in the history. There was the village called Dudichi. There’s a connection of old noble Belarusian family Elskie. Tour in Dudutki museum is like the travel in time machine. It let the visitors dive into the times of the noble Belarusian family. It’s necessary to see how to live this family because it’s one of the most unique museum stuff explaining what and how did the Belarusian rural aristocracy their businesses.

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