Agritourism in Ukraine

Countryside vacation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular. Traditionally an agrarian country, Ukraine has a rich rural culture. Pampushkas, borscht, wattle and daub, vyshivanka - all Ukrainian names are well known far beyond the country. Ethnographic wealth of Ukraine is represented in its museums of rural life, which are scattered across the country: from Kharkov to Lviv and Chernihiv to Alushta.

The most striking and original villages in Ukraine can be considered ones in the Carpathian region: Prykarpattya and Transcarpathia. Rural tourism in the Carpathians developed extensively. And when it comes to rest in the estates, it is now even more traditional for the Carpathians than hotels or camping sites. Ethnographic tourism in the Carpathians also includes getting familiar with crafts of Carpathian Ruthenia. In this region traditions of life of Ukrainians, Slovaks, Czechs and Poles are closely intertwined. Apart from the Ukrainians, the traditions of indigenous nation-Ruthenians are also represented in the Carpathians. The most famous museum complex, which provides examples of rural architecture and life of Ukrainian Carpathians, is considered to be the museum of folk architecture and life in Lviv. It is also called Shevchenkovki Gai, in honor of the famous Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko.

Other regions of Western Ukraine, such as Volyn or Bukovina, are also known for their opportunities for rural recreation and tourism. An extensive exhibition of the rural architecture in Bukovina is located in the historical center of the area - the town of Chernovtsy in the local museum of architecture and life. Rural culture of Volyni opens to tourist in skanzen, which is located ten kilometers from the capital area of Lutsk, in the Rokin town.

The biggest Ukrainian ethnographic ensemble is Museum Pirogovo near Kiev. The total area of exposure - 150 hectares. This is one of the largest museum complexes of this type in Europe.

Podolie - this region of Ukraine unites Ternopil, Vinnytsia and Khmelnitsky region. Ecotourism is also rapidly developing here. Ternopol region provokes interest, because it is extremly popular among adherents of the active and adventure holidays. Villages on the outskirts of Ternopol, Krementsa, Pochaeva are pleased to host those who intend to commit alloy on the Dnestr river canyon or go for the longest cave in Europe - «Optimistic».

Countryside vacation in eastern Ukraine - it is primarily the land of Poltava region. Villages Dikanka and the Great Sorochintsy near the town of Mirgorod become one of the main places in the works of genius Gogol. Sorochyntsi are known for their fair, which is arranged in the village every year in late August, and is timed to the day of the birth of the famous writer. Dikanka, Sorochintsy, and the village Gogolevo today are an integral part of Gogol National Reserve Museum.

Countryside vacation in Crimea is represented by numerous private cottages, houses and bungalows on the entire coast of the peninsula, from Kerch to Sevastopol. However, there are a number of unique rural ensembles, often very exotic. Among them are the village of ethnic Germans Kronental (today - a village Kolchugino), Czech Bogemka village near Dzhankoya, settlements of Tatars and Greeks in the Bahchisarai area.

Pirogovo Museum

Pirogovo is an interactive museum. In addition to state structures, it represents a unique tradition, which you can get familiar with and where you can participate.

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