Pirogovo Museum

Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum

Ukraine was always and still considered to be an agricultural country. The number of people living in villages percentage wise to the urban population - is one of the highest in Europe today. Rural traditions are strong in Ukraine nowadays. Their quintessence - Pirogovo museum near Kiev, which now represents all facets of Ukrainian village life - from proper Ukrainian hata (at home) to the pattern at rushnyk (towel).

Pirogovo - perhaps this name came from the word «pie». Although no one knows exactly why the village is named that way. According to the Ukrainian name of the museum it at all sounds like «Pirogiv» and more like a city. The city or not, but it takes quiet a while to walk through the museum. On the area of one hundreds and fifty hectares the rural 200 years old Ukraine is shown from the outside and inside until the smallest details.

Ethnographic Museum Pirogovo – not the only one in Ukraine. Besides Kiev, such museums can be found in the vicinity of Donetsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi and a number of other Ukrainian cities. However Pirogovo was the first of this kind. It was opened in 1976. It took 8 years to create an exhibition. From all the corners of Ukraine wooden log houses, hatas, wooden churches and other elements of peasant architecture were brought here. In Pirogovo almost all the lifestyles of all the areas and regions of Ukraine are represented: Carpathians, Polesie, Naddneprovschiny, Podolya, southern Ukraine, the left-bank Ukraine.

Each region is represented by its own unique architectural exhibit. In Polese there are three mills, which, by the way, became a symbol of the museum. In Naddneprovschine - wooden church, in Podolia - The Church of St. Nicholas.

Pirogovo is an interactive museum. In addition to state structures, it represents a unique tradition, which you can get familiar with and where you can participate. This molding pottery and cooking dishes of national Ukrainian cuisine, and work on the loom.

A special event in Pirogovo – is a fair. Their time - May-June. In the fair days many houses and estates of Pirogovo revive. Almost near every home the trade of Ukrainian folk crafts is organized. At that time, the tourists have a chance to buy authentic, not popular souvenirs made by the hands of Ukrainian peasants. This may be «vyshivanka» - Ukrainian jacket with decorative embroidery. Or cradle - a special pipe used for smoking tobacco. Or national Ukrainian toys - dolls made of straw and cloth, whistles.

Date: 08/11/2008

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