Agritourism in Slovakia

In terms of ethnographic and rural tourism Slovakia today - one of the most interesting states in Central Europe. Mountain villages and miner towns, skanzens and horse farms, a huge variety of landscapes - all of these can be found in contemporary Slovakia.

Museums, skanzens and ethnographic reserves have become one of the business cards of tourism in Slovakia. Dozens of museum villages can be found today in almost any part of the country. Some museums because of its uniqueness were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. In particular, such museum is located in the town of Banska. It was a former medieval village of miners, where in the 16-17 centuries iron ore and other minerals were extracted.

Rural culture museums, or Skanzens, can be seen in several regions of Slovakia. Each of them tells about the features of agriculture in a region of Slovakia. One of the biggest skanzens in Slovakia is located in the town of Martin. Rural people's homes and national trades are collected for it from across the country. Rural life in historic areas of Orava and Liptova is presented by museums in the village Zuberets and place Pribylina. One should draw attention to the museum ethnic Ruthenians - Carpathian nation also living in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The museum is located in the town of Ruthenians Svidnik in Banksobystritskoy area.

Agritourism in Slovakia is developing rapidly. At ski resorts, in the vicinity of the picturesque lake and national reserves of Slovakia the number of private farms is growing, which provide tourist services. The current number of rural estates, guest houses and cottages in the country makes it possible to find the rest for anyone in every corner of Slovakia. In Agritourism in Slovakia column we are going to publish news and articles that will help to orient in Slovakian rural recreation.

Rural life museum in Slovakia

Rural life in Slovakia is special for different parts of the country. Museum of Slovak village life in Martin demonstrates how diverse is the rural architecture of Slovakia.

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