Rural life museum in Slovakia

Rural life museum in Slovakia
Rural life museum in Slovakia

Rural life in Slovakia is special for different parts of the country. Museum of Slovak village life in Martin demonstrates how diverse is the rural architecture of Slovakia. This museum shows the rural architecture, mostly typical for Central Slovakia, which at the same time is one of the most popular regions of the Slovak agritourism. In additon, Central Slovakia accomodation options are represented very broadly.

Museum of Slovak Village in Martin - the biggest skansen in Slovakia. However, its exhibition of rural life shows not all, but only some of the historic regions of Slovakia. Rural way of life of Slovakia is presented in the museum at the Martin, using the following four regions as an example: Turetsa, Liptova, Yavornikov, Orava and Kisutse.

Museum of rural life in Martin tells about the traditions of farming in the Slovak village in the late 19-early 20 centuries. Museum of Martine was conceived in the 30-s of 20 century. The first exhibition inside the museum appeared in 1940. However, the exposition that tourists see today, was formed in 1967. The exhibition at the Martin Museum is located on the territory of slightly less than 30 hectares.

Each region of Slovakia presented in the museum, has its own «pearl» - or farming mansion house with distinctive architecture. The exhibition of Oravski region can be distinguished by farm cottage, which was brought to Martin from Vyshny Kubin village. Among the exhibits of Turets historical region an old wooden church brought in Martin from the village Rudno is worth mentioning. In Martine Slovakian weaving mill can be seen. Such weaving workshops have been distributed throughout the country in the early 20 century. Visiting of bell shop where tourists are shown the ancient traditions of bells casting, promises to be interesting.

In addition to the architecture of the museum, Martin is famous for different ways of growing plants, among which are the separate technologies of growing medicinal herbs.

In the summer the Museum of Martine is opened from 9 am till 6 pm all the days of the week except Monday. In the autumn-winter period, the museum works from 9 am till 2 pm . Museum of the Slovak village is located on the eastern outskirts of Martin, in the Yagodnitski town.

You can learn more about Slovak culture and check proposals on agritourism in Slovakia on the site

Date: 07/11/2008

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