Agritourism in Spain

Relax in the countryside of Spain - this is a luxury that is now available to many tourists, regardless of their level of income and social status. Rural houses, farms and estates of Valencia, Andalucía, Catalonia and other Spanish regions open their doors to guest from all around the world. Prices for accomodation in Valencia and vacation rentals in Andalucía are more than affordable. Colour, which makes Spain so famous, including flamenco, macho and corrida, can be found in every Spanish village.

Agritourism in Spain is extremely popular, broadly due to the low cost of living, as well as exclusive exotics, which cannot be replaced by a luxury of hotels, situated in the center of Madrid or Seville. Rural vacation in Spain can give you the answers on the following: how the famous Spanish olive oil is produced, how to make orange juice or dry red wine. Agritourism gives you a chance to get acquainted with the process or even take part in the life of a Spanish village.

Casa rural or simply «a country house» - is the most common type of placement in rural Spain. Today, the number of casa rural is growing rapidly. Over the past ten years agritourism in Spain has become the main source of earnings for seven of thousands of estates throughout the country. Since 2002, the number of rural estates, offering their services grew five-fold.

The number of adherents of rural recreation among the tourists is also steadily growing. Many Spaniards got tired of noisy tourist chaos at Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Today they prefer silent recreation away from crowded beaches and hotels. The number of citizens of Spain, who have refused to rest near the sea and have chosen rural recreation, has doubled over the past five years.

The choice in sphere of agritourism in Spain is broad. Tourist may prefer staying at old estates of Spanish nobility and recreation at small hotels on the outskirts of villages. The abundance of castles throughout Spain has allowed many villages to turn into sophisticated tourist centers. Zaragoza, Asturias, Alicante and many other provinces of Spain can offer dozens of such options. Rural recreation at the territory of national reserves of Spain is in great demand.

In this column we are going to publish information about the latest event in the field of agritourism in Spain, about estates, manors, hotels and farms, which offer their services for tourists.

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