Quercia Rossa villa in Tuscany

Quercia Rossa villa in Tuscany
Quercia Rossa villa in Tuscany

Quercia Rossa is an outstanding model of agro-tourism in Tuscany. Located on the hills of Tuscany, among fields and olive plantations, a small Quercia Rossa villa is a model of a typical Italian province, calm and very picturesque. Villa is located in the south of Tuscany, in Grossetto province, in the resort region of Maremma, near the city Manciano. If you decide to rent vacation in Manciano you will be ablo to explore a huge market area.

Quercia Rossa has six sleeping rooms. At the villa as it is. Quercia Rossa is certainly not a luxury boutique hotel, but the taste, with which villa is furnished, allows you to feel surrounded by true Italian harmony. Doing so, Quercia Rossa positioned as a traditional B & B – wide spread Italian version of «bed and breakfast» or «breakfast and accommodation».

The region, where the villa is situated, the proximity of therapeutic springs and the Mediterranean coast and the quality of service determine a high level of prices per room. In season rates for accomodation with breakfast in Quercia Rossa is around 100 euros per day. Supplementary meals will cost you 30 euros per day.

Nevertheless, picturesque scenery and attractions, around Quercia Rossa allow counting on a rich, full rest, which now can be offered by Tuscany. In addition apart from visiting the spa resorts in the Saturn and Manchiano, you can travel from Quercia Rossa to outlying medieval fortress towns such as Kapalbio or Pitilyano. As an additional service villa owners offer for their guest tickets to visit the spa at Saturn, winter wine-producing farm with wine tasting, tourist cards for visiting museums in the Maremma, as well as cruises to nearby islands.

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Date: 06/11/2008

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