Argentea villa in Liguria

Argentea, Liguria, Italy
Argentea, Liguria, Italy

Argentea Farm is located in Liguria, in a picturesque location at the foot of the mountains, halfway from Genoa to Savona, near the town Arentsano. Spending you vacation in acomodation in Liguria will give you many unforgetable moments. Argentea is situated at the heart of Ligurian Gulf. Recreation in this part of Italy, where the air is particularly clean and full of aromas, is especially pleasant. In spring and summer around the mountain Argentea sweet flowers smell and a fresh Mediterranean breeze blows.

Farm Argentea was built in 17 century and today it is a model of faultless Italian countryside architecture. The farm was used only for agricultural purposes for a long time. Sheep were breed there and famous Italian cheeses, olive oil and wine were produce. Recently, the part of the farm was restored and now it offers agritourist services to guests of Liguria. The number of beds at the farm Argentea - 10.

Olive groves, vineyards and vegetable plantations in Argentea today still make up a large part of the farm. Ecological fruits from this part of the coast of Liguria will decorate the table of a farms guest everyday. Argentea is considered to be a classic example of Italian agritourism. In addition to the rural farm type and comfortable bedrooms it has its own mini-museum, which represents agricultural tools, which were 200 years ago handled at the fields of Liguria.

Not far from the Argentea farm one of Liguria nature parks – Beygua- is located. Beygua Park is a 26 kilometer mountain ridge, which stretches along the famous Italian Riviera. City Arentsano, located in the vicinity of the farm, known as a favorite vacation spot among Italians. During the summer season in Arentsano passes the mass of all kinds of events: from religious festivals to music and folklore festivals.

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Date: 05/11/2008

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