Samogon in Dudutki

In Dudutki there are several distinctive attractions that have glorified this museum throughout Belarus. One of them is a hooch still. This is one of the few in Belarus licensed devices for production of samogon – strong alcoholic drink made of grain and potato starch. Another hooch still, which samogon vodka legally is located in Belavezhskaya Puscha.

Samogon - is a primordial Belarusian drink. It has been boiled for centuries. Samogon production recipe is basically always the same. Sugar, beet, potatoes and corn are almost always used as the basic products. However, in different corners of Belarus samogon is being improved on its own, adding aromatic herbs, nuts and juniper.

In the times of the Soviet Union, during mass deficit of products, samogon in Belarus was produced out of any available means. Even of the soap. Samogon, which today is produced in Dudutki, of course, far from being a surrogate. Control of production and technology makes it possible to purify the product from harmful impurities and get clean liquor as a result.

Private production of samogon in Belarus officially banned. Hooch still in Dudutki - an exception from this rule. The produced here samogon is sold legally because a permission from Belarusian authorities was granted. Samogon in Dudutki is served according to an old Belarusian tradition, with such snack as black bread with honey and pickled cucumber.

It should be noted that an official ban on samogon did not affect the level of its production. In the villages of Belarus samogon is boiled almost everywhere. Police organize regular raids, but they are more indicative, rather than systematic. The main reason why the authorities are trying to eradicate samogon production – is because of the poor quality of product and lack of proper control. Nevertheless, samogon in Belarusian villages is so wide spread, that it is often called «village currency». Samogon is often more willingly accepted as payment for services, rather than money. Authorities fight mostly with a large underground samogon business, while household production is out of sight. They still have some kind of right which can be called «national tradition». So almost in every rural home in Belarus, whether it is the house of tractor driver or a mansion of farm director, you will have a chance to try homemade samogon.

Either way, hooch still in Dudutki – is an exhibit, which shows one side of life of Belarussians. And, as practice shows, this exhibit is very popular among visitors of the museum.

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