Dudutkis Car Collection

The Collection of old cars in Dudutki is the one of the most interesting part of museum’s exposition. The founder of Dudutki museum, Evgeniy Budinas, compiled and renovated ancient vehicles for his own money. The Car collection in Dudutki is the only collection in Belarus of its kind.

So what kind of cars are in the yards of Dudutki? There are many popular models which was used even 20 years ago. There are also many rarities, which could be a reason of envy for many European museums.

One of the unique artifacts of Dudutki’s collection is the german Horch 830. It was produced in Hitler’s 1936. Usually guides of Dudutki tell many stories about this car, describing scary adventures where the main characters are Wehrmacht generals, brave soviet scouts and Belarusian partisans.
ZIM. This old car was manufactured almost at the same time as Horch, but in another country. In USSR. ZIM was famous limousine for bosses of Communist Party in Stalin’s time. In Dudutki’s collection, the ZIM car may be considered as a kind of counterbalance to Horch.
There is another car which continues war theme of Dudutki museum. It’s American forefather of modern jeep. Its name is Willis. Willis is also took a part in WW II. American army was equipped with this car in 1943-45.

But the pearl of collection, the most unique and most valuable auto piece of Dudutki is a german car. It’s sport-coupe Hanomag. Hanomag was produced in Germany in the 1930’s. The German locomotive manufacturer Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG in that time created a surprise, revolutionary speedy car which became a legend. The model of Dudutki is from 1936.

The Italian car industry is represented in Dudutki with Fiat Topolino. This car was produced in Appeninnes in 1930-50’s and for that time was one of the smallest car in Europe. There are also many other old cars in collection including old Crysler, VW Beatle and Moskvich for USSR.


Dudutki parade of beauty
This Sunday of 20 september Dudutki open-air museum will host a unique event. Beauties from more than 60 countries will take part in national costume parade.
Baglia Calia in Sicily
Baglia Calia villa – it is an embodiment of Italian recreation, which is so popular among the vacationers all over the world.
Casa Tati in Veneto
Casa Tati – it is a traditional Italian colour, which is reflected in the decoration of rooms, in nice and appetizing dishes of Italian cuisine, in surrounding beauty of subtropical nature.