Eugene Budinas

Eugene Dominikovich Budinas. The man who created Dudutki. For the Belarusian tourism Eugene Budinas was some sort of Columbus. He first showed what and how can be offered in Belarus for a foreign traveler.

But not only the creation of the ethnographic museum is associated with the name of Budinas. Eugene Budinas is a unique personality, a man who managed to combine qualities of a talented writer and a successful businessman. Lithuanian by nationality, he wrote his novels in Russian, and for Belarus and Belarusian culture he made so much, that the list of his work can be published in the encyclopedia. Budinas admitted that he considers himself the Lithuanian and his homeland - Belarus.

Dudutki was established in 1994. Budinas, whose main occupation was the publishing business, financed the construction. The museum, showing the material culture of Belarusians, since its opening was very popular among guests of the country. Thanks to Budinas, Dudutki is not only tourist, but also a kind of bohemian place. It was visited many times by Belarusian writers, artists, foreign diplomats.

Budinas was a talented writer. His works were appreciated by leading figures of modern literature, from Yevtushenko to Orlov. During his creative life Eugene Budinas was awarded several times with the highest professional awards. His journalistic activity even in times of the Soviet Union was marked with an award of Union of Journalists.

Budinas was unable to finance Dudutki for long. Subsequently, he had to sell his brainchild. However, he managed to make it what it is today - Belarus in miniature, displaying the country's national roots, emphasizing the identity of Belarusians. Dudutki is legally considered to be one of the main tourist symbols of the country.

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